Hue, Me, and Googly Gooeys: Creative Flatlay and Color Mixing with Faber Castell Philippines

When I was young, my day wouldn’t be completed without creating something with my paper and colored pens. I could still remember that one of my favorite things to draw was nature like trees and flowers. So when I entered college, I took up Fine Arts to pursue my love for my craft which is art. Time passed by, I also fond of seeing nature through traveling and documenting it on my blog after. Thus, it made me more interested to see the colorful places with my eyes and not just through sketches and doodles.

On the event of Faber Castell Philippines last October 28, 2017, at Acceler8 Coworking in Makati, I was invited by Nuffnang Philippines together with other bloggers to attend the Creative Flatlay and Color Mixing with Ms. Tippy Pelayo-Go of Googly Gooeys. I was so excited to come because I’ve always been fascinated by her amazing works in on her Instagram account. Finally, I was able to see how she managed to work on creating such an amazing art and she even shared some of her best tips for blogging.

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So basically, the event focused on how to mix colors and create an instagram-worthy flatlays. Aside from that, she also gave us awesome tips to help our blogging platforms to be more creative. So here are hue-some awesome ideas that I’ve learned from the event:

  1. Mix colours for Blog palette ideas

This one was the first thing that she tackled on the talk. Colours are important in achieving the identity of a blog. With these, people will recognize the website easily because they can remember what colour your brand is. Since my blog is more of traveling, I used blue-green shade to incorporate nature. This one is also one of my favorite hues which reminds me of ocean, sky, and serenity.

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On the event, Ms. Tippy also taught us on how to mix colors with the help of Faber Castell’s watercolor. In order to produce different shade, we used 2 or more colors + water to achieve the perfect hue. For example, gray can be made by blending primary colors rather than the usual black and white combination. Good thing, Faber Castell’s watercolor is too pigmented and not chalky when applying on watercolor paper. The rich substance blends really well with each pigment.

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For the website, Ms. Tippy also mentioned Adobe Color CC. This tool will help to mix and match color tones depends on what we want to achieve. It also has color suggestions if you don’t know what combination matches the other. I’m planning to add more hues to my blog so I will definitely use this in the future.

  1. Make instagram-worthy flat lays

Flatlays are in because they are visually satisfying. There’s beauty in every Instagram post with a curated subject. Ms. Tippy taught us to combine different objects with the same interest to produce colorful flatlays. After we did the watercolor exercise, we then took photos to put on our Instagram account. She let us explore the ideas to make the flatlay by adding objects which can be found inside the event area, whether it’s a book, succulent, or any artsy stuff we could stumble upon. This activity is very helpful not just for blog photos but also on our social media posts as bloggers. We could be as creative as we want ed to gain more exposure for our potential readers.

  1. Capture interesting colours in every place

The reason why we travel is to appreciate the beauty of every place whether it’s created by nature or man’s creativity. I travel because there’s no reason not to. That’s why I came up with this blog to showcase my travels and adventures.

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Ms. Tippy also showed us some of her travel photos with her family. She shared that it was interesting to see different places with lots of colors. Natural light will also be our best friend when capturing photos whether it is flatlay or a certain place. She got some of her interesting works through her travels by getting the colors to put on her artworks. She was so amazing to think that traveling was also an artistic way to produce amazing arts.

I was so happy to get some of the freebies including the newest watercolor of Faber Castell which can be assembled into a palette or can use one by one if you desired to create a flatlay for drawings. The only thing that I’ve only used was their watercolor pencils which during my Color Theory days but now I’ve got the chance to see more of these.

It was such an amazing afternoon filled with creativity and colors. I also got the chance to explore the whole Acceler8 Coworking designed with all the Faber Castell products including the limited edition Karl Box worth P150,000. It has all the amazing colors in every drawer that I wouldn’t even use when I owned one because they only produced 2,500 pieces with serial number and authenticity certificate. Wow!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for the invitation to be part of #FaberCastellBloggersDay. This event would definitely a big help for my blogging career to be more creative in my blog niche. Also, thanks to the super humble Ms. Tippy Pelayo- Go of Googly Gooeys for the tips and ideas that she shared with us. Though I’m into arts now, I still need those tips that she taught us to produce fresh new ideas including the photography one. Guys, she’s super nice in person!

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Lastly, thanks to Faber Castell Philippines for making this event possible. You can follow them on their social media accounts for product updates and creativity posts!

Faber Castell Philippines
IG: @fabercastellphils
Twitter: @fabercastellph
FB: @fabercastellmanila

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