Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

Almost all of us love the idea of celebrating every little piece of occasions – birthdays, anniversary, monthsary, Christmas, baptism, etc. Those events are the proof that we are sympathetic when it comes to celebrating the gift of life and love. Even from simple celebrations up to the most fancy ones, we didn’t let the day pass without remembering it as an important event to us.

Those important celebrations also means gift-giving. Being able to give present to the celebrant or to one another means that we are generous enough of each other. Even in a simple way, we know how we remember the occasion and the value of that person by giving something valuable to them.

Sometimes, preparing a specific type of gift is such big dilemma to me. Considering, I want to give the most suitable one, I still have a doubt that it might ended up a fail. This always happen to me during our anniversary or even the simple birthday of a loved one. So to make things easier, I made some of the fool-proof ideas that didn’t fail in any type of occasion:

  1. DIYs 

Gift Idea 1Who else doesn’t want personalized stuff? Making a Do-it-Yourself thing is still one of the nicest and sincerest things to do to your loved ones. I could also save some bucks on making it myself rather than buying in a specially shop. DIY stuff never gets old and goes with anyone you love.

  1. Food

Gift Idea 2Everyone loves to eat. Food is another thing that won’t go wrong as gift. Whenever we go to a family gathering or birthday, we just bring cakes for everyone. It is also cheaper yet can be able to share to everyone at the party. On my son’s 1st birthday party, we prepared cupcakes for everyone. I found it thoughtful to say “thank you” for everyone   who came and celebrated with our son’s special day. 

  1. Vouchers

Gift Idea 3Voucher is one of the safest gifts to give especially to someone like mother-in-law, siblings, or god-mother. Voucher can be a service for spa, massage, or a hotel staycation. I admit that I am such a voucher-queen coz’ I love buying anything in print. They are sometimes cheaper than the actual price but almost same amount of service.

  1. Books or Magazines

Gift Idea 4Whenever I attend bridal shower or wedding, book is one of the gifts that always come first to my mind. This one should be educational or informative like some tips about marriage, parenting, and the like. I also fond of quiz book for couples who like to share things with each other. It is easier that way plus the fact that it doesn’t stale or gets old. They will also get the chance to see what they wrote on the book and reminisce every moment they shared.

  1. GC Regalo

Gift Idea 5If you find it difficult to give a specific gift to someone, don’t fret. Good thing GC Regalo is one of the things that would make your life easier. The advantages of using this as a Gift Idea to someone is the versatility and convenience to shop. There are moments that you did all the canvass shopping but you couldn’t really find the best gift ever, GC Regalo is the best answer for all your dramas.

To give you more idea, there are two types of GC Regalo for your choices:

1. Sodexo Premium Pass / Sodexo Gift Check / Sodexo Gift Certificate

Sodexo is one of the well-known Gift Certificates in the country. Some of the things I listed above can be purchased using this pass. They can choose whatever stuff or activity they like because this gift certificate is accepted in over 9K outlets nationwide. Imagine the convenience of using this and being able to survive all the dilemmas of choosing the best present to your loved ones.

2. SM Gift Pass / SM Gift Check / SM Gift Certificate

The number 1 shopping mall here in the Philippines also offers gift certificates. The SM Gift Pass, SM Gift Check, and SM Gift Certificate are also fool-proof gifts to anyone. They are accepted in SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Savemore, SM Department stores and Appliance Centers outlets for everyone’s convenience. You can also enjoy watching movies, ice-skating, and bowling available inside the SM Malls.

Both of these gift certificates are hassle-free. I can also purchase them online through their website: No more rush shopping and hard thinking. The other person also gets the chance to choose whatever they want to spend the GC Regalo. They will definitely enjoy their chosen products or services with these gift ideas.

Whatever gift you think you can give to someone, the most important thing is the sincerity you offer. There is a saying that goes “It’s always the thought that counts.” The kindness you show by remembering his or her special day is the best gift of all. ❤


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