How to Smell Fresh All Day Long with #TidePerfume6

During working days in the office, I’m always making sure that I look presentable. The thing that mostly impress the people is how we dress up neatly and fragrantly fresh all day. It’s really important to look presentable during client meetings or even just a simple hi-hello to the boss. As the saying goes, “First impressions last”.

Just to be sure that my clothes are thoroughly clean, the products that I’m using is always the trusted one. It’s hard for me to use unfamiliar brands because I tend to be unsatisfied with its cleaning power. My clothes just trusted what my heart desires, of course, it’s Tide!

Tide is one of my most trusted brands when it comes to detergent powder. My family also loves how this product made our clothes clean most especially the white ones which always have the stubborn dirt. We’ve been using Tide for years!


In the recent event of Piolo Pascual with his fans, he gave them an amazing performance plus the chance to have a selfie with him. But the most exciting part of the event was he got to share how he achieved the “amoy-artista” feeling all day. Just like Piolo, I also got excited when they announced that my favorite detergent Tide has now the amazing scent of Downy Perfume!

DSC_0259 copyDSC_0306DSC_0228DSC_0273 copy

For only P6.00, I can get the same scent like Piolo which can lasts for the whole day. The wonders of new Tide detergent has Downy micro capsules that clings to clothes when exposed to malodors. So, despite the everyday commute, I don’t have to worry much that I might ended up getting “amoy-usok”. My clothes could still be fresh and perfume-ready all-day long. No need to use separate fabric conditioner to achieve the freshness of  clothes .So, let’s get this #amoyfie trend now!


Tide with Downy Perfume in different variants is now available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. 

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Find more about Tide:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Tide with Downy Perfume. 


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