Artsy Cafe in Batangas: Cafe at the Ranch

Imagine yourself in an old-style ancestral house at the middle of a ranch where everything is classic and instagram-worthy. Thanks to my browsing skills, I stumbled upon this cute Cafe at the Ranch after I had my Heritage Walking Tour in Taal, Batangas. Every corner is totally worth to capture – the pastel colored theme, classic design of interiors, and the whole house itself.

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Homey vibe of Cafe at the Ranch

Cafe at the Ranch is a cafe in a secluded place Taal, Batangas. It is an old house turned into a cute dining restaurant which used to be an American colonial house. The owner opened this alluring cafe 2 years ago. I was impressed with it’s homey ambiance though it’s location is a bit far from the main highway.

car How to get there?
From Manila:
1. Ride a bus bound to Lemery, Batangas. I rode at Jam Liner in Cubao but they also have terminal in Buendia if you are coming to that area.
2. Tell the driver to drop you off near Taal. The landmark is Flying V gasoline station.
3. From Flying V, ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you’re going at Cafe at the Ranch. Since the area is a bit far from the highway, there are no tricycles inside. Just tell the staff at the cafe if they can assist you to the highway.

After conquering the dirty and shabby road, you can see the big ranch with the cafe inside. The old ancestral house is too classic outside but so chic upon entering. When we went upstairs, the first thing that we’ve noticed was the beautiful interior design, painted mostly with white and pastels. The pretty backdrop wall is too feminine, I couldn’t help but to get more photos. Too bad, my DSLR’s battery got emptied that’s why I just used my iPhone’s camera.

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Ang ganda sa loob, Bes!

The windows are made with wood and capiz. I remember the houses in Las Casas Filipinas de Acusar with the same exterior design. The materials are all classic but strong enough to conquer time. Filipino houses were pretty back then, good thing that some people tried to restore these houses to maintain it’s beauty.

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The tables and chairs are mostly wood with white paints and cute drawings of flowers and birds. There are lights and flowers hanging on the ceiling, too. Every corners followed the same theme that captures such a homey vibe.

After the staff handed the menu, we immediately got our orders. We had ice tea, fruit shake, and pizza – just enough for merienda. I went out outside to check out the whole place. They arranged some chairs and tables at the ranch so people can also dine in outside.

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Outside dining area

I was so hungry that time that it took our orders to arrive forever. After 30 minutes of waiting, our pizza arrived, finally! It was cheesy but a little bit bland for my taste. My ice tea, on the other hand, was too sweet that I had to add water to settle down the sweetness. But overall, the food experience was good.

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You can also see the brown eggs that they are selling for P150 per dozen. They said that they are fresh coz’ their chickens are hatching mostly everyday.

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Eggs for sale!

The farm life experience here was good. If you want to extend your trip here, they are also offering accommodations at the MGM Farm just beside the cafe. I didn’t had the chance to check the place since we need to be back at the house before 8:00pm.

eat Budget: P250 to P300 per person

More photos!!!

Cafe at the Ranch is a good side trip after visiting the Heritage Town of Taal to complete the rustic and classic experience. One day is enough to do all the things that you want to visit in this small town. Watch out for my separate post about this!

phone Contact

Cafe by the Ranch
Brgy. Mahabang Ludlod,Taal, Batangas
Opens: Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm / Saturday – Sunday 9am – 8pm
Contact Number: 0906-504-7308
Facebook Page: Cafe at the Ranch


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