A Journey to the Wildlife: Calauit Safari, Palawan

When I was young, one of my dreams was to visit a zoo to see some animals that just saw in books. That dream came through one day when we visited Calauit Safari in Palawan along withBusuanga Islands. The excitement was with me from the day I booked our trip up to the time that I visited the safari this summer.

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Calauit Safari is 3,760 hectare island in the northern Palawan. Animals roam around freely inside the sanctuary that was declared by  the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos as game preserve and wildlife sanctuary under the Presidential Proclamation No. 1578 on Aug. 31 1976. The animals were transported from Kenya as a request of the President Jomo Kenyatta to save the African wildlife which was threatened by war and drought. Now, different kinds of animals are living inside the wildlife that serves as an Eco-tourism attraction in Palawan.

We paid P2,500 each. We booked our tour at Calamianes Islands Travel and Tours. It also includes North Cay and Pamalican Islands tour.


  • Transport service
  • Breakfast and Lunch Set
  • Island and safari Entrance fees
  • Boat Transfers
  • Tour Guides

Our trip started at 5:00 in the morning. A mini-bus fetched us in the hotel along with other guests that were also joiners of this tour. We traveled almost 2 hours until we reached a place like a local restaurant near a beach where we had our breakfast.

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Docking port

After finishing our meals, we started off again to travel to Calauit Island for about 45 minutess. We arrived in a docking area where we rode off a small boat that took us to the safari. The travel time is only 5mins. On our way to the island, I saw huge jelly fishes that are living on the water. What I mean with huge is that, they almost weighed 5 kilos each or more. It was actually my first time to see such kind of jellyfish because I used to know them as a small creature.

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When we reached Calauit Island, we went directly to the registration area. We wrote our names in a manifesto. Then, when everything was all set, we started off walking inside the sanctuary.

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Find the Calamian deer

A Calamian deer welcomed us as we approached the area of the giraffes and zebras.

Bamboos and some flowers are abundant inside. I couldn’t hide my excitement when I finally saw the real giraffes and zebras in person. I felt like a kid all over again.

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The locals gave us twigs to feed the giraffes. I grabbed some and I saw how those animals love eating the leaves as I hold them. They were super cute as I laid my eyes closer to them. I just couldn’t help but to be amazed that finally, I saw how amazing they are. Here’s bunch of photos with them.

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The zebras are also one of the attractions inside Calauit Safari. They were like horses but with stripes. But they are not as tame as the giraffes so it was hard to get near them. I just took some photos but actually I was scared that they might kick me anytime.

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After an hour, we went to a much secluded area where we saw other animals. There are porcupine, small crocodiles, monkeys, civet, and many more. Sad thing, they are placed inside cages, I guess for protection.

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The weather when we got there was scorching hot. I couldn’t resist the pain of my sunburn I got from the previous island hopping. I highly suggested of using sunblock and long sleeves, hat, and sunglasses for sun protection. There are shaded areas but still, the surroundings are dry and humid. Bringing of water is also a big help to avoid dehydration.

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Palawan cherry blossoms

I totally had a great time inside Calauit Safari. Another thing that I ticked off in my bucket lists. The experience was dreamy! This trip was definitely was one my most memorable and amazing trips ever. I know, I’m exagge but believe me, seeing them was one of the best tours in northern Palawan. My photos speak how Calauit Safari mesmerized my entire feeling.


Calamian Islands Travel and Tours
Door 205, Evamag Bldg., Don Pedro Street, Brgy. 2, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Facebook: www.facebook.com/calamiantravel/
Contact No.: +63 917 532 2719

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