5 Smartphone’s Battery Charging TIPS & TRICKS (A Non-techy Guide)

Gone are the days when phone’s battery can lasts for days (Shout-out to Nokia 3310!). Unlike now that smartphones can only survive hours of using before it runs out of life. Social media, full-graphic games, and Netflix are the things that mostly consume my smartphone’s battery. So, in order to maximize my phone’s charge, let me share you some easy tips I do:

Tip No. 1

Turn OFF Data / WiFi / Locations / Bluetooth (When not in use). Internet is one of the things that can drain my phone’s life faster. So whenever I’m not using my device at night, I remove all the internet connections to avoid draining up all my battery on the next day. Same thing with Location Services and Bluetooth, those buttons should also be turned-off because they tend to increase the consumption of battery.

Tip No. 2

Tweak Settings (Brightness & Display). One typical thing that I do to save my battery is by simply adjusting the screen’s brightness and display. The auto-brightness on my phone’s setting is a big help to adjust the light automatically while the auto-lock can be set to a particular time to turn-off my phone when I’m not using it.

Tip No. 3

Prevent the Smartphone from Overheating. High temperature can definitely damage the overall battery’s life. In order to avoid this thing to happen, I let my phone rest after hours of using (especially on games). Another simple thing is that, I remove the case when charging to avoid it on getting hot.

Tip No. 4

Charge in Airplane Mode. This is one of the tricks that I read online that can help the phone’s battery to charge faster than usual. They said that phone became inactive from all the cellular signal and wireless radios and tend to work more on charging. It works on me whenever I have short span of time to recharge my smartphone as quickly as possible.

Tip No. 5

Refrain from Using Knock-off Charger. Poorly manufactured chargers are not recommended to use for safety reasons. I prefer to use an appropriate charger on my device to avoid the risk of any battery damage. In case you lose or worn-out your branded one, the best charger replacement is the Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable.

This cable has these amazing features:


Don’t risk your smartphone to some unbranded chargers. Always remember that safety should always be the top priority. To know more about this Magneto charger, you can check out more information here: www.widgetcity.com.ph/product/magneto-cable/


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