Travel Guide: Pass Island with Reef & Wrecks Tour

My initial Plan on our second day in Coron was the Island Hopping Escapade which is composed of Malcapuya, Bulog Dos, and Banana Islands. But due to gale warning, they cancelled it and replaced it with Pass Island with Reef and Wrecks Tour. Even before I pre-booked our tour, it was not in my list to include this because it is merely for divers. But since I didn’t have a choice, I just pursued this trip just like the rest of the joiners. Same with our Ultimate Coron Tour, we also booked this to JY Travel and Tours.

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The view of Pass Island above

Check out our Ultimate Tour here.

P1,200 per person


  1. Tour Service (Transport Hotel – Wharf)
  2. Tourist Boat
  3. Tour Guide
  4. Buffet-style Lunch
  5. Island Entrance Fees
  6. Life Vest


  1. Snorkeling Gear P150/ rental
  2. Aqua Shoes P150/rental
  3. Fins P200 /rental

We started off our tour at 9:00 in the morning. Just like the usual, the tour guide introduced himself and then the rest of us. It was another set of different people in one boat.

Our first stop was Pass Island. The travel time was approximately 2 hours from Coron Town proper. It was a bit far but along the way, there are numerous islands that we passed by so we didn’t get bored. We also saw large mangroves plantation and coral gardens which are abundant on those areas.

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From afar, the view of Pass island is like that of in Maldives – a tiny surrounded by white sand island. The water on the shore is clear in bluish green color. We finally arrived at lunch time! From there, we spent 2 hour and a half for our meals and some activities.

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The water on this island is clean and clear! It was a good time to have a dipped in the sea after two hours of traveling. Kurt actually had the chance to fly his drone to capture the whole view of the island. It was breathtaking!

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From Pass Island, we traveled for 45-minutes to reach the Lusong Coral Garden. I haven’t seen any rich marine ecosystem in my entire life as abundant as this coral garden. There are lots of corals in different shapes and sizes, as well as species of fish that are living underneath.

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We swam for about 30 minutes and I saw how majestic the view of Lusong Coral Garden. The tour guides warned everyone that stepping on the corals are not allowed that’s why wearing an aqua shoes is advisable. I enjoyed my experience eventhough I’m not really a pro-swimmer.

We skipped this area because of the strong rip current the time we were there. Underneath the sea, there is a shipwreck between 5m to 15m deep. Sadly, we missed this spot!

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Our last destination for this tour was the East Sangat Wreck. It is just near the Lusong Gunboat so we just traveled few minutes. I had the chance to see a portion of the boat since I swam near the area. However, I didn’t see anything awesome because the water was too dark because of the the diving underwater. I just took some photos and videos for documentation.

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There are so much in Coron but definitely this one a must try experience. Hoping that next time, I will be able to pursue the Island Escapade because that’s really what I wanted to see.

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JY Travel and Tours
19 Real Street, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Contact No.: +63 920 553 2361

Day 2


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