Travel Guide: Coron Ultimate Tour

Just because I wanted to maximize everything of our Coron adventure, I decided to do the Ultimate Tour on our first day. We arrived in Busuanga airport at 7:30 in the morning, rode a van, and went directly to our accommodation to leave our bags. Everything was fast-forward as we wanted to make most of our time in the island.

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Coron Ultimate Tour is one of the most prominent tours in Coron. If you have a limited time in here, you can choose this tour because it has all the highlights of popular destinations in Coron. I booked in JY Travel and Tours for this because they have good reviews plus they are accepting Paypal for reservation which is convenient for me. Since I pre-booked everything, we just went directly to their office which is just one block away from our accommodation. We paid the rest of our fee then they transported us directly to our tourist boat.

P1,500 per person


  1. Tour Service (Transport Hotel – Wharf)
  2. Tourist Boat
  3. Tour Guide
  4. Buffest-style Lunch
  5. ISland Entrance Fees
  6. Life Vest


  1. Snorkeling Gear P150/ rental
  2. Aqua Shoes P150/rental
  3. Fins P200 /rental

We started off our tour at 9:30 in the morning because we had to wait for other guests. Our tour guide first explained everything about the activities and all. We introduced ourselves to everyone as a courtesy to each other. Then, our adventure begun!

Twin Lagoon
Our first stop was Twin Lagoon. As we approached the docking area, we saw the beautiful rock formations and green scenery along the way. It was breath-taking! Everyone of us got our cameras to capture the mandatory boat photo with those amazing backgrounds.

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To be able to reach Twin Lagoons, everyone should swim a bit near the entrance. There are two choices: swimming underneath an arc rocks or climbing stiff stairs. Of course, I chose what was easier for me. It was tough but as I approached Twin Lagoon, I saw how majestic it is in person. The water is green which is surrounded by beautiful limestones with small bushes of trees. Underneath the lagoon is the deep water which is scary when you see through goggle but still, rock formation is beyond perfection.

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Sunset Beach
After our trip to Twin Lagoon, we then went to our second destination, the Sunset Beach. This place has a small stretched of white powdery sand similar to Boracay. There are big and small rocks scattered near the shore. They constructed small kubo’s for tourists who want to spend time here.

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Since it was already lunch time, our tour guide let us eat our buffet-style meal here. They cooked us island food – fried fish, seaweed salad, fruits for dessert, and adobo.

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Skeleton Wreck
Since I’m a non-diver, I didn’t see anything much here. The tour guide said that they called this Skeleton Wreck because the shape of the sunken boat was like skeleton ribs. I tried to go near the area but what I saw was just bubble coming from the divers. We didn’t spent so much time in here, then we proceed to our next destination.

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CYC Beach
It stands for Coron Youth Club. This island is so small but it has powdery sand mixed with small corals and shells. The water is so clear for snorkeling. It also has small mangrove plantations on the right side.

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It was windy when we got here that’s why our banana bed flown away. Good thing, one nice boatman was near the area so he got it for us. I couldn’t thanked him enough!

Siete Pecados Marine Park
Siete Pecados means Seven Sins in English. The story was based on 7 sisters who went away from their parents but got stucked in storm. The parents asked for a signed if they were still slive, thus the seven islands appeared. This was just the story I remembered from our tour guide, amazing right?

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We just checked out the amazing marine park underwater. I saw large corals – amazing and beautiful! This place is meant for snorkeling because of the diverse sea life. Coron is so blessed to have something like this.

Barracuda Lake
Our last stop was supposed to be Kayangan Lake, but sadly, it was closed for 3 weeks due to death of two foreigners. They replaced it with Baracuda Lake. In there, the water is not salty because it composed of fresh water and small percentage of salt water. Underneath the lake is a hotspring that’s why the water temperature is warm compared outside.

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Our tour guide brought us inside by pulling us while we were lying down. Similar to Twin Lagoon, we had to get up the stairs again. The water is Baracuda Lake is blackish in color and surrounded by blade like rocks. They said that a meter long baracuda is living inside this lake but still hiding for so long.

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We finished off our tour for about 6:00 in the evening.  Sad thing that I didn’t able to see Kayangan Lake since it was my main reason why I wanted to do the Ultimate Tour. Because of that, we have one good reason to come back and see the that amazing lake on our next visit to Coron.


Despite the tiredness and aching legs, I was happy to experience paradise of Coron on our first day. To know more about our itinerary of the whole Coron + Busuanga experience, you can check them here. I can’t wait to visit this paradise again in future time.

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With the fellow joiners


JY Travel and Tours
19 Real Street, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Contact No.: +63 920 553 2361

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