Quick Lunch at Pan de Amerikana

We were about to go to Robinson’s Galleria when we stuck on traffic at C5. Since it was 12:00 noon already, we decided to have a quick lunch near Katipunan and I suggested to try Pan de Amerikana (because I heard this place for so long that I wanted to try).

2016-08-22 01.32.58 1.jpg

Pan de Amerikana is one of unique bakery theme restaurants in South East Asia with an upside-down interior design. From outside, you can see the big house and a Land Rover car inverted. Fascinating, right?

2016-08-22 12.17.22 1.jpg
Written brief history of Pan de Amerikana that says: “In 2003, Jundio & Rosie Salvador founded a little bakery shop what is now famously known as PAN de AMERIKANA”

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The interior inside is also displayed upside-down. There are tables stuck on the ceiling! Inside interior is colorful Filipino garden displayed with twigs, leaves, and stones (but they looked dusty). There are also photos of renowned local actors and actresses on the other side of the wall. You can even play  chess or dama on the table. Though the interior is designed well, it was a bit hot inside because there is no air con.


2016-08-21 07.14.42 1.jpg

2016-08-22 12.17.26 1.jpg
Baby and Tita Tey. They stepped up to a platform to reach the upside down table.

2016-08-21 07.14.41 1.jpgI think the owner is also a fan of Land Rover, photos on the walls and a big toy car (which I forgot to take photo) are the evidences that he is fascinated with that type of car.

2016-08-22 12.17.25 1.jpg
Bohemian theme wash area

For their food, they serves simple Filipino dishes. Since we just had a quick lunch, we just ordered two viands (Kare-kare and Dinakdakan), Rice,  Melon Shake and Ice Tea. By the way, the price of their meals are very affordable, considering the area is in Katipunan and near White Plains. The price starts from P50 only. Affordable isn’t it? You can check their menu here

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Kare-kare was not really impressive but okay for my taste. The vegetables were half-cooked especially the sitaw. The bagoong was a bit dry. I don’t know but yeah the score should be 2 out of 5.

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We always love Gerry’s Grill’s Dinakdakan that’t why this one disappointed us. I don’t know what it tasted like. But nah, I won’t really recommend this. Sorry.

Overall: The place was really impressive and beautifully constructed because I’m really a big fan of theme-restaurants. But really, it’s their food that didn’t satisfy me. Of course, their price is so so much affordable compare to the other restaurants here in Manila but as a customer, I’m looking for something that can satisfy my appetite.

2016-08-21 07.14.43 1.jpg

Pan de Amerikana is located at 131 Katipunan Ave, St.Ignatius, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila. Opens daily: 7am to 9pm



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