El Nido Tour A: Lagoons & Beaches

Whenever I search El Nido online, one of the popular tours is Tour A which consist of Lagoons and Beaches. Your trip to El Nido won’t be complete without exploring island tours and discovering what they offer.

We chose this tour because it’s one of the most prominent among all, same with Tour C also. We booked our guided tour in Discover El Nido. For more informations, you can check their website here: www.discoverelnido.com/islandtours.


The standard rate of all the tour packages are standard in all the agencies in El Nido. The combination of Tour A and C costs P2,200 per person (Group of 4 or more people) /  P7,000 + P2,000 (Private 1-2 people). Luckily, we only paid P2,000 because they offered us discount since we booked early.


  1. Boat transfers to the island
  2. Buffet lunch and potable water
  3. Life vest and snorkeling gear
  4. Tour Guide

We started 9 in the morning. Thank God that the weather was really perfect to explore the islands. The meeting place was the beachfront near an El Nido signage (a forgot the name). From there, we rode the boat and yeah we started the journey!

Seven Commandos Beach

This was our first stop. The water here was almost perfect. Calm. Swimmable. Seven Commandos has a long stretch of white sand and palm trees, perfect for strolling perhaps. There are also store where you can buy fresh buko juice while relaxing on the shore.

Seven Commando Beach from afar
Perfect place to relax
Getting some tan haha

Quick Fact: Seven Commandos Beach got its name after the 7 remaining Japanese Commandos who lived there after WWII.

Shimizu Island

Our next island we explored was Shimizu Island. Unlike Seven Commandos, the shoreline here is shorter. This island is perfect for snorkeling because of the abundance of marine life. We just didn’t enjoy it since the waves were not in favor. But our photos seemed like we just had fun.

Shimizu Island


We stayed here for like 2 hours until lunch. Our boatmen cooked our lunch which included in the package. Shimizu Island is perfect for laid back or even sun bathing.

Quick Fact: Shimizu Island was named after a Japanese diver died in the underwater tunnel of the island.

Secret Lagoon

I guess this is no longer secret! When we got there, there were long number of people waiting to go inside the lagoon. The massive stones makes the Secret Lagoon really fascinating! We entered into a small hole to reach the ‘secret place’. The water here became brownish because of the number of people who were exploring inside.

Entrance to the lagoon
Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset
People waiting outside of the lagoon

I just realized how powerful God is, because he made the Earth amazing!

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset
Inside the Secret Lagoon
Hinde po yan baha hihi

Big Lagoon

This was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in El Nido. Surprisingly, it is really big! The water is greener and the lush greens are abundant. Big Lagoon is just picture perfect.

My feeling when I was there was like, I was looking a postcard. I couldn’t help but to appreciate God’s beautiful creation. Everything was perfect.

If you really want to be more adventurous, there are kayaks for rent. We just didn’t go underwater because we were afraid of the depth of the water.

Entrance of the Big Lagoon
Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset
Rich ecosystem, picture perfect
Cheesy photo eh

Small Lagoon

Our final stop for Tour A, Small Lagoon is just beside Big Lagoon in Miniloc Island. This was the place we mostly enjoyed since we swam and went on kayaking. For us to enter on the lagoon, there is a small gap between two giant lime stones. It is accessible through kayaks or swimming.

Can you see the entrance?
You have to go through the small opening just to get inside Small Lagoon
Snorkeling and swimming

I was really afraid to look down when we went snorkling. But, I saw how beautiful it was underwater. There were many fishes inside the lagoon. One of the joiners in our tour rented a kayak and he permitted us to use that. Yey!

Too bad we don’t have Go pro yet

Our tour ended at 4:00 in the afternoon. I really suggest everyone to explore Tour A not because it’s my favorite, but of course, the experience was surreal. This was one of my unforgettable trips so far. Thank God for all of these!

For Tour C, read the story here.


Discover El Nido
Calle Amboy, El Nido Zone 1, Palawan, Philippines
Facebook: www.facebook.com/discoverelnidopalawan
Contact No.: +63 (0) 910 2020 494 (Smart) / +63 (0) 917 7733 404 (Globe)


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