Things I Learned From Swimming Lesson

I am a frequent traveler and the problem is: I don’t know how to swim! I love exploring out different places but I’m always having a hard time enjoying the sea because I have this fear of drowning. I feel left out whenever there is water activity. The struggle is real!

So this summer month, I enrolled myself in Swimming Class which I’ve got from Facebook Group, DIY Travel Philippines. The fee is only P1,500 for 4 sessions but I finished just 3 Saturdays because we have summer getaway on the end of the month. The swimming instructors are certified swimmers and professionals. The class was held at Ateneo Grade School and Marikina Sports Center. So, I grabbed the chance to challenge myself. Another experience to tick off my bucket lists!

Thank God that I’ve learned many things from my class. So here it goes:

  • Breath Properly. This is the first thing that our coach taught us; Inhale from mouth and exhale from nose. Basic but I still need practice.
  • Focus. I got distracted all the time so I learned to pay attention of what the coach said. Thank God, she’s really nice and hands on to us.
  • Relax. This is the key to float on water. When I panicked, I lost my focus on what I’m doing so I ended up getting water on my nose that could lead to drowning. Swimming should be fun not traumatic.
  • Exercise. Swimming is cardio and good for the heart! It is really tiring especially with arms and legs. I learned that I need to exercise or jog first before swimming to stretch my muscles.
  • Dress Properly. Rash guard or swimming attire. I used leggings made of spandex material because the sun really made my skin darker. Using a non-spandex material can distract swimming activity.
  • Meet new friends. I gained new set of people with different personalities but have one goal: to learn how to swim. It was really fun sharing our thoughts not just swimming-related but on travelling!

Let see on my next travel journey if I can apply all the things that I’ve learned. I’m really excited because I can now float, glide, paddle, and breathe. I really just need to practice more and learn to conquer my fear. Like what I’ve said, SWIMMING SHOULD BE FUN!


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