Moriones Festival & Everything About my Hometown

Hello, it’s been a while since I last posted my blog entry because of different reasons and one of them was being too lazy. Haha! But pardon me, I need inspirations and I guess I need to travel more this year again.

I was in a long hiatus when it comes to travelling since I was busy with random things. But this time, I am in the mood to write something. Actually, I posted an entry about Marinduque earlier last year and this time, I will do again. Marinduque is my hometown and the province where I would come back even hundred times.

Actually, this is my first travel this year. (Oh! What happened to me?) Because summer hits again and my new team (Yes, I have a new work!) had this long vacation over the Holy Week, I had the chance to visit my place again. You know, it’s traditional that I spent my time at the province every Lenten season of the year.

We decided to leave Manila April 16 at 6:00pm via Jac Liner bus bound to Talao Talao Port/ Dalahican in Kamias, Quezon City. The fare went high from 220php to 229php. But heck, we fell in line for almost 3hrs just to get on the bus. It really sucks to travel during peak season to Mduque since there are lots of passengers travelling and means of transporations are getting lesser (I guess). We arrived in Talao Talao Port at 2:30am because of helluva traffic. It’s supposed to be 3-4hrs travel time but because of expected traffic jam along the road, the time doubled from the usual. Good thing, I was dead asleep and I didn’t mind it at all!

When we arrived at pier, there were lots of people again! Huh! So another crazy line to fall in just to get ticket to ride a ferry bound either to Dalahican or Cawit Port. Guess what, from 2:30am we got our tix 10:00 in the morning already! Damn! Thanks to Diane who fell in line for almost 5hrs just to buy us the golden pass. We got the 12:00pm ferry time and it took 3hrs to reach Marinduque. It cost around 250php-300php depends on your destined port area.

Passengers waiting

Woah! Marinduque finally! We arrived at 4:00pm (Yes, almost 12hrs of tiredness and sleepyness) via Balanacan pier, so I have to travel again to reach my home which is in Cawit. The fare in jeepney costs around 80php. Again, fares in Marinduque depends on your destination. You could ride either by tricycle, jeep and van if they are bound to your place.

Province Life
Province Life

Marinduque is really rich in tradition most specially the Moriones Festival. Every Lenten, there are groups of people wearing Morion mask who portrays like Roman Soldiers. They are the main attractions during Holy Week and of course, Jesus Christ, Senakulo, Pugutan, procession, Boac Expo and different churches for Visita Iglesia.

Via Crusis
Moriones Festival
Moriones Festival

My vacations weren’t complete without going out of different places in the province, meeting old and good friends, bonding with my favorite nephew at the beach and watching the sunset by the bay at 6:30 in the afternoon. How wonderful! So let me share more pictures to you guys!

Late night chikahan
Late night chikahan
Bonding with Andrei and our new dog!
Bonding with Andrei and our new dog!
Sunset in Cawit


 I am thankful to the Lord because I grew up in a province where life is very much simple and yet the heritage and the people are  truly amazing. Sulit ang bakasyon! Will be back soon again! But for now, I’m crossing my fingers to have some trips to other places muna. I don’t want summer to end without going anywhere.


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