Time for a Change

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”. ― Heraclitus

While I was browsing  Facebook and Twitter profiles of my random friends, I suddenly I realized things weren’t the same just like three or four years ago. I mean, of course, continents are constantly moving, so as our lives every day. But what I was really thinking about was that how ‘change’ really impinge on my own self. Let me.

Lately, I was in state of mind where I kept on thinking about everything, a crappy over-thinker, an over-analyzer. I just realized how time flew so fast that some of the persons were not the same like they used to be. Some of my friends flew to different countries for opportunities. Some of them got a job that weren’t course related. But they were happily fulfilled with their own chosen path and that’s why I admire them so much.

There are new relationships that happened to be unexpected. Others got engaged which I found the news from Instagram. A friend from high school texted me about his upcoming wedding in August plus he will soon be a dad! Some of my FEU classmates already had their own families and others will be expecting their little angels. And one of my closest friends tied the knot  last June to the love of her life (It was one of the beautiful wedding I’ve ever been with).  Wow! I must say life’s getting more serious ha! FTW!

However, some certain adjustments brought a big leap forward. Yesterday, I read a Yahoo! article about friendship which tackled “When is the time to end a friendship?”. Seriously, that thing made me think of a greater understanding because I could relate it to myself. I missed the old friendship like we used to be. But, there are things in life that are better off apart. We separated ways because there was a purpose. Even though we didn’t talk that much now, I’m sure we would still cross our path someday. I must say, I already have the guts to let that friendship go, for the sake of my inner peace. Good times will always be remembered.

On a different note, my own life’s changing gradually. From a passive one to an active/ sporty type is one of my goals this year. I’ve been into active jogging/walking marathon every Sunday at UP Diliman. I’ve been pushing myself to engage in physical activities to change the outlook of my lifestyle. Wow! I’m getting more mature!

When it comes to my relationship, I think this thing “really” changed a lot. The first phase of relationship was not ideal, sometimes mind fucked. There were times that I feel unsecured because of emotional pain. But things changed after seven months. I don’t know but there is a theory of ‘7th Month Hump’ where couples experience problems after they reach the seven months. The bumpy road of our relationship slowly became smooth. One day came and I just realized he became a more boyfriend to me, sweeter, and aware of my feelings. Although, I’m not the perfect girlfriend but I’m trying my best to be the ideal. This relationship is the riskiest of all from friendship diverted to love. But I regret nothing. I’m less worried. Happier than months ago.

Change? Challenge accepted.

Life’s full of surprise, always. It’s funny because day by day, nothing changes. But when I look back, everything is different. We are changing. But we have to accept the fact that without it, life is dreary. Change is surprise. Change is goodbye. It doesn’t mean giving up, but accepting that there are things we need to gain something better.


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