Gayuma ni Maria

I am being so spontaneous. I guess, I am always hype into something else. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise. Okay, this went through the second date with my guy. Who else?

I always wanted everything to be out of the plan. I once said that the best thing happens when it is unexpected. And this moment was one of the best, so far. I could say that there are something more to come, more to enjoy, and more to share out-of-the-blue-momentum.

When he said he wanted to spend the dinner at Gayuma ni Maria, I never hesitated. I always heard about this place, so that trip made me really excited. Yay!

The place was really nice! It was made for LOVERS. I mean, you could go there with friends but the ambience was intimate, serene and lovable. It would be a little bit awkward for people to make noise since it was peaceful. There were lots of stuffs exclusively for lovers only. The table set-up was like in a movie with candle light dinner.

We ordered to sets of food. I really like their menu which made me really interested to try out something new or weird-name-of-food-ever. I had this called, “Nilasing ni Eba si Adan” and he had “Beef with baked potatoes”. The food was quiet pricey but the taste deserved two thumbs up! Happy tummy again! Yummmmm…

I smiled as I remember that moment. It was perfect, I guess. That second date was a moment to remember because, of course, I was with him. Next date, I don’t know. There are more things to come, spontaneously. I am just happy this way.

My guy deserved a BIG HUG! Yikiiiieee..


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