Hmmmm.. Okay. Since I already posted my blog about the apple of my eye, let me reveal our first ever date ALONE. Forgive me for being so sentimental, I am just happy to share my moment with him. Y’know.

When I learned about the holiday on Bonifacio Day, I grabbed the chance to make my move. I had this thought to surprise him by going to his office since his check out time is at 6:00 in the morning. But my plan wasn’t concrete, so I just told him about it. Geez! Not a surprise anymore. Anyway, I just sent him online messages and asked if he was available to have an early bird breaky somewhere in Ortigas or Cubao. I never failed. He suggested place and we ended up to have it done at Chocolate Kiss in UP Diliman.

Yay! The much awaited date came and we met at Ortigas near his work place. He drove me to UP Diliman and we arrived there as early as 7:00am. Whatta date in the morning! We ordered two sets of meals and had this wonderful conversation. We were aloof at first, but as the moment went by, we became close and shared different things we always talked about.

You see, there was no dead air. There was no dull moment. I had good vibes. I assumed he had, as well. I couldn’t explain the feeling but I absolutely enjoyed every second I was with him. It wasn’t the food or the sunny weather, but it was about him. It was him who made the day perfect.

This day wasn’t marked just for the first date but for the first something-out-of-the-plan “I love you” words etcetera. Damn! Imagine me on with a mixed weird and happy face, EVER!



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