One of my favorite things in life is to go on a road trip with friends. I don’t know but there is happiness within myself when I go out while riding in car, playing random mixtapes, making jesters, and appreciating every scene along. That is happiness.

I still remember a week ago when I have this huge feeling of excitement. FTW! I was really that excited because we were going to have another round of road tripping to the South of Metro Manila. We were planning to go to Nuvali, Calaruega, Tagaytay Tides, and Enchanted Kingdom in one day. Whew!

Adventure starts now

So, the so-much-awaited-day came and we were all wearing same excited faces all though out the trip. We met halfway  and decided to leave Manila at 4:00 in the morning. I guess that was just a right time since we were going to Tagaytay first.

Herl, Ice, Andy, Recca, Jack
Kurt, Herl, Ice, Andy, Recca
Ahem 🙂
My Girlfriends
Me and Bave
It’s all against the light | GF’s

It took us 1.5 hours to reach Pink Sister’s Church in Tagaytay City. Since it was Sunday, there was a mass ongoing when we arrived. But we just took about a couple of minutes to stay on the church because we will be heading to Calaruega after. We just prayed and got our wishes. FYI: There is this saying that if you are visiting a church for the first time, you are privileged to have your own single wish. So, I made mine.

Pink Sister’s Church view from afar
Couples..couples everywhere.
Me and Kurty

Next stop: Calaruega. Since Kurt knew how to get there, we just took about 30mins to reach the church. We parked at the nearest lot and proceed to the entrance. However, we weren’t able to pass all since there is an entrance fee of P30 and wedding ceremony was ongoing. Kurt and I just checked the church but the guard didn’t let us in. Pffttt! We just saw the parish’ interior and didn’t able to shoot some photos.

View from the road going to Calaruega
One of the things that make me happy: Driving while windows open
We’re not pissed off, we’re just cam whoring
Hikkkk ♥
In denial??
Look at the hairrr
Random shot
We need to get drunk at 8:00 in the morning
Laughing our ass off
Happiest day? Andy?

It was just eight thirty in the morning but we decided to leave Calaruega. We just planned to go there some other time since we knew the exact location of the place. So, the next destination would be to Mahogany Market to feed our hungry appetite.


After meal, we decided to leave Tagaytay and destined to our next stop: Enchanted Kingdom. Along the road, we decided to spot Nuvali and we got mesmerized by this wonderful Christmas landscape of Valenza Crown Asia Village. We took some pictures and decided to leave after a few minutes. Look!

Is it fabulous?
Lovebirds No.1
Lovebirds No.2
Lovebirds No. 3 *im speechless*
With Bave!
My most favorite pic!

Since we weren’t able to find the Koi Village in Nuvali , we decided to continue to Enchanted Kingdom to avoid any hassle. We arrived and parked earlier we expected.

We felt like we were kids hiding and seeking when we entered inside the park. It wasn’t my first time to go there, actually this was my fourth time. But, this moment was the most happiest since we experienced 10 rides all in all- Flying Fiesta | Space Shuttle | Jungle Log | Bumped Car | Carousel | Horror House | Disk-O-Magic | Anchor’s Away | Motor Boat | Wheel of Fate | and Rio Grande.

Kurt, Me, Andy Recca, Jack
Me, Andy, Ice, Recca, Jack
Anchors Away
Pila ng Wowowee
“I’m scared” -Recca
I so love this picture!!
Wheel of Fate
Me and Andy
Am i lost?
Kurt and Recca
Andy and Ice
Whilst waiting for carousel
Spell haggard
Are you scared of heights?
Burst of Lights
Night Lights
View from the top


I guess the pictures could say a thousand words that we really enjoyed a lot. The company. Friends. Foods. Weekend. This was another epic-sode of our AWESOME LIFE. Thank God for this wonderful day and to my girl friends and boy friends who spent the day with me.

This is one of the reasons why we should enjoy life to the fullest. Do what makes us HAPPY.


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