Lessons from HIMYM

1. Nothing good ever happens after 2am. Well, in my case, I don’t know. Sometimes, there is a good thing happens after 2am like being so drunk and laughing hard with your best buds. Hilarious.

2. Don’t chase after what doesn’t work. Let the universe take over. There is a saying that “Everything will fall into places”. I believed that there is always a perfect time for everything. A perfect time to laugh. A perfect time to shine. A perfect time to heal. A perfect time to LOVE again. Apparently, God knows when to give it.

3. Things happen for a reason. This is what I’m always telling to my friends, “Everything happens for a reason”. Imagine my life months ago, I was really devastated by a past heartbreak love. But, when I look at myself now, I know I’ve never been this happy unlike those days I was with him. I never enjoyed my Sundays at home because I was with him always. I never experienced laughing hard while eating dinner with my roommates. I never had the chance to meet other people who became part of my everyday now. And I think, letting go of one thing means having a chance to enjoy lots of things.

4. Don’t ever gave up crazy times with friends. My friends are my comfort zone. I laugh hard with them. Their happiness are my happiness. They are my upper pill when I’m down. My friends are my family.

5. Miracles happen. Yeah..miracles ‘truly’ happen. Just like magic, miracles happen in a way when we could hardly notice it. Just believe.

6. Things you may not have like before may not be that bad after all. My hair is my life. Yuh! I am over-acting. That’s why, putting bangs onto my hair makes a lot of change. I thought I wouldn’t appreciate this just because I was afraid to try. Making something new isn’t bad after all.

7. Perfect isn’t always perfect. All things have flaws.

8. Some people have expiration dates. People always come and go. One guy you met at a bar will be a stranger again after the night. The one you love the most today will soon become part of your worst nightmare. Appreciate people who stays with you until dark while holds your hand perfectly. That’s a person to keep.

9. Wait for it. Wait for the perfect time. Waiting is preparing. Just enjoy every raindrops falling, and woke up into a beautiful sunshine the morning after.

10. Don’t postpone joy. The most enormous feeling in the world is being happy. Euphoria. Excitement. Do what makes you smile.

11. The important moments shouldn’t be wasted because you can’t get them back. The important moments are the most treasured. Enjoy while we are young. Sing till your voice breaks. Laugh till you cry. Go whenever you appreciate things. Be a beach bum.

12. Be clear about things you say. Clear your arguments before you say it. Watch your words. Always speak from the heart, it knows well.

13. The most important people in your life are the ones you can picture sitting on a porch with. Do not miss the opportunity of being happy. Go out once in a while and experience something extraordinary. You can do it again for the second time but you’ll never experience the same happiness again of the first time.

14.  The talk is the one of the worst things ever, but it is important. Talking is part of communication. And communication is important part of interaction. That’s how the cycle works. We need to talk because we have the freedom. We need to hear an advice because it’s time to heal your heartache. Never talk when you’re angry, never give promises when you’re happy.

15.  You’re not looking for someone who accepts your quirks, you’re looking for someone who loves them, cherishes them, and loves you more as a person because of them. This is hard. For me, looking for love interest is not a matter of choice. You do not choose him or her just because he/she likes indie films. You choose her because she appreciates it. Sometimes, you feel the love out of random people. It happened. Unexpectedly.

16. Some people are worth a lot to keep around. It depends on the person if he/she is worth keeping for. Fight for someone if, and only if necessary. Give up when you have to. You are the only person in this world who would make your own decision.

17.  Get out of the house, go for a walk, get a bagel. Sometimes, being alone while walking on the busy street is a great mind refreshing. When we are getting old, there are lots of things running through your head. Be alone. Think. Segregate. Refresh.


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