“If you want to be happy, be” –Leo Tolstoy

The drastic things were finally over. I could say it. From the very moment I quit my job and the harsh break-up, I could see myself that I could do things which made me happy. The bad break-up caused too much pain in the ass which I thought I can’t get over. I was wrong.

Remember my previous blog when I wrote about my resignation from my company? They retracted it and closed a good deal just to stay with them. It was such a huge privileged for me to have my two-week vacation leave plus some management to employee agreement. I accepted the deal, thought about it a hundred times and chose to stay until January next year. This was all favour to me since I was coping with break-up issue and I didn’t want to worry about it during my bum days.

I filed my VL from October 13 to 28, all in all 15 blissful days!

The night before Day 1 (October 12, 2012)

I was all thinking the whole day when to go and what to do because no one was available except Hamill. I felt the laziness but she insisted me to accompany her for that night because she was going to La Union and she wanted to spend the night at Cubao. I asserted myself to be outside because I didn’t want to ruin my first night before my extreme vacation galore plus she gave me vouchers for a free haircut and hot oil from David’s Salon. Wow!

So, we let ourselves enjoyed the night with some girl bonding at the salon and drowned to cocktails at our favourite spot in Cubao Expo. Good thing another friend came by, Yang. We were three, until we meet and greet several random people from common friends. This night was a good vacation-starter.

Look at our BANGGSS!
Me and Yang
Hams, Me, Yang, I forgot his name guy 🙂
Me and Yang and some random peeps 🙂
Al of Mango Red, Yang, Me, and Hams
Lemme give you my prettiest smile. I so love my bangs ♥

Day 1 (October 13, 2012)

Last night, I sleep over at Yang’s since it was the nearest place I could possibly go. My roommate Recca fetched me in the morning and then we went home to change clothes and get our requirements for the passport application. Our schedule was 1:30pm and we got to DFA Megamall on the required time. However, we weren’t able to finish the application because we lacked of requirements. Nah! That was horrible but it was okay. We will just get back next week before I go to the province.

The week before this, Yang and I arranged a plan or she considered-it-as-a date with Mel and Lesmond. But the plan was switched differently because she and her boyfriend had this huge fight so she didn’t show up. I didn’t want to miss this chance so I showed all by myself. I came to Nomnomnom at E. Rodriguez to join Mel, Lesmond, and the plus two Bea and Ruby.

Nomnomnom..Happy Food signage (Photo courtesy of Google)

I didn’t have a picture to prove but I had fun and so much fun. We feasted some best-seller foods, drank several bottles, and shared stories of life, and love. We even transferred to the adjacent bar to sing and drink another round of beer again. Before two am, we decided to leave the place and went home, but I didn’t go home. Lesmond insisted to drive me to Cubao because I didn’t want to ditch my friends. He drove me all throughout and we even stuck on two dead ends. That was hilarious and I apologized it was my mistake.

After Lesmond got me to Cubao, he left and I joined my friends who were waiting for me. They planned to crash at Kurt’s place! Yeah! That was an awesome idea. We drank all night with some bottles of tequila and mardi gras, and the most requested shisha. We watched some music videos and had this projector-pictorial like models. I was fulfilled the whole night with awesomeness and laugh trips.

Le me projecting on camera
Projector Pictorial with Thea
Blurred pic of us (Kurt, Me, Thea, Jack, Ice)
Me again ♥

Day 2 (October 14, 2012)

We decided to sleep over at Kurt’s and woke up 11:00 in the morning! And then I told them if they want to go to Teacher’s Village and UP. You know, my friends never disregard my suggestions so we had our lunch at Fresh Selections where they served a very affordable meal and the place is cosy and relaxing.

Dine Dine Dine at Fresh Selections (Photo from Ice’s instagram)

After meal, we headed to go to UP Diliman to have another round of food trip. We waited for about few hours and just relaxed and shared the usual conversations while lying on the grass. UP Diliman is such a good place to unwind and go on biking but we didn’t know any rental store.

Look! We are color coordinated.

It was already quarter to 4:00 in the afternoon so we went straight to Isawan! I heard UP has this place where isaw is mouth-watering and at the same time, affordable. We had eaten different specialties like isaw-baboy, bochi, tengang-baboy, and I didn’t remember the others. They tried the ice cream, dirty ice cream but not literally dirty, of course at a very cheap price.

This is what we call “Foodtrip”
I love the Grey colour with orange tint
Laughing our ass off

We decided to part our ways at 5:30pm and we had this huge feeling of euphoria! That was a crazy-out-of-the-blue trip to remember, good vibes actually.

Day 3 (October 15, 2012)

This day was the very lazy of them all! But actually, I enjoyed the movie bonding with Ice. Because we woke up late noon, we decided to watch movies. Last night actually, we planned to go to NBI for her clearance but she didn’t push the plan so we just laid back and relaxed to our apartment. We watched two movies- Sex and the City and Nanny McPhee. You know, I always enjoy watching movie with Ice since we love to adapt every single movie line.

Sex and The City movie poster

Favorite Line: Women come to New York for the two L’s: Labels and Love.

Nanny McPhee movie poster

Favorite Line: There is something you should understand about the way I work. When you need me but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go. It’s rather sad, really, but there it is.

Day 4 (October 16, 2012)

Since it was my vacation leave, I already planned my legal documents to finish. First, my passport but due to some circumstances, we will just get by on Wednesday. Second, my Civil Service application for Honour Graduates but I need to get my Certificate of Graduation at FEU so that’s why I came by this early morning to file for it. I was with Wilson at the University because he also wanted to get his.

I thought, after I went to FEU, my day was over. Since I am always into spontaneous activity, Hamill sent me tweet to join her and her officemates to National Museum. And I said yes of course! Actually, the whole month of October is FREE admission.

National Museum FREE Admission Poster (Photo Courtesy of Google)

We went there at 4:00 in the afternoon and it was a typical hot day. The National Museum has two buildings- the Museum of Filipino People and the National Art Gallery. When I was in college, I already explored the Art Gallery where I saw the breathe-taking Spolarium of Juan Luna.

National Musuem Facade
National Museum Bldg.

Since my friend Hamill and her officemates wanted to choose the Nat’l Art Gallery, we proceed to that place. Upon entrance, we deposited our bags and things at the lobby. We just brought our valuables like phone, wallet, and oh camera since they already allowed to take pictures inside the museum.

Me with Spolarium
Hams with Spolarium
Felix Resurrection Hidalgo’s painting!
Paring Prayle
Cute sculpture IDK what’s his name
Jose Rizal’s scuplture (Mother’s Revenge)
Amorsolo’s painting
ME and Hams with Botong Francisco’s painting
Thank you Ham’s for this picturrr

We explored the whole gallery for just an hour because they close at exactly 5:00pm. After this, we went to SM Manila nearby then we got our dinner and more chikahans for me and Hamill.

Day 5 (October 17, 2012)

Just like what I’ve said about my passport application, we decided to go to DFA earlier this morning to finish what we started last Saturday.

Recca and I went to SM Megamall at 11:00 in the morning. I thought it was such a busy day again for a government agency like that but we just finished off all the requirements after 1 hour and a half. I was really upset of my photo because I didn’t wear any eyeliner or blush. Sucks! I thought they didn’t allow it so I really assume my picture will comes out ugly. Ugh! I blamed the guy on the photo booth since he captured my most horrible face ever! But he got my number since he said he wanted to offer me a job for a graphic designer position. IDK.

Earlier in the afternoon I’ve decided to settle myself and go to Marinduque. Yes, after few hours of thinking a lot, I knew I need to go to the province as soon as possible for me to spend at least a week with my family.

I left Manila at 6:00pm and proceed to Buendia Jac Liner terminal station to fetch a bus ride going to Dalahican, Lucena. I arrived as early as 9:30pm in Talao-Talao Pier and bought my fare ticket for a 10:00pm trip to Balanacan, Marinduque. I reached Balanacan at 12:00 in the midnight but still I need to ride another passenger jeepney going to our place. It took about an hour for me to reach Cawit. It was such a tiring night but worth everything when I saw my family.

The other boat ride

Day 6 (October 18, 2012)

Finally, I reached Marinduque again. I took several hours of sleep and yet I felt the laziness of this day. It felt good to see my childhood memories back again. I really missed this place since I was here last Holy Week. Imagine how long it took for me to go back again and spend a quality time with my family.

Andrei at the beach near our place
Chubby Cheeks :-*
Angelique and Nanay

My province really changed a lot, from the simple community to the more progressive one. What I mean when I said progressive is that now they have more sufficient living compared to when I was just a kid. But still, I could see the traditional way of people living in a very simple manner.

 Day 7 (October 19, 2012)

Wow! One week to go and my vacation will be over. I don’t want this to be end. Please.

I was such a morning person. I woke up very early in the morning and didn’t know I had this body clock. Ugh! I hate it.

Before lunch time, we decided to go to Boac and had our lunch with family. We rarely do this. But because I was here, I need to treat them with just a simple feast. Y’know, I really wanted to do something like this since it was occasional.

After the sumptuous lunch, I went to COMELEC to get my Voter’s ID but they refused to give mine and said I need to come back on November. Darn! I really wasted my time going to government agencies, always.

My day didn’t end without some bonding time with Ate, Andrei, and Angelique.

Me and My Ate
Ate and Meeee
Random pic of my two cute kids

Day 8 (October 20, 2012)

Since the celebration of the fiesta is on the 24th, the barangay has events happen every night. Tonight was the battle of the voices aka Amateur Singing Contest. I rarely watched something like this since I’m staying in Manila. I was lucky enough to watch this again just like the old times.

Stage set-up (Sorry for the bad angle)

Day 9 (October 21, 2012)

When I grew up as a teenager, I never experienced something like attending events on our Barangay. I was really a home buddy way back then. But when I studied and grew up as a young lady in Manila, I learned to mingle with other people as part of socialization. On our place in the province, aside from the annual singing contest, they also have this get-together called “Sayawan” -from a Filipino word meaning dancing and celebrating the feast. People from different barangays are invited  to attend especially those teenagers or post teeners. Usually, the event starts from 8:00pm and ends up to 2:00am.

I was really laughing hard whenever I remember my little nephew who wanted to dance. Imagine, he was the only kid on the dance floor. Whew! I was his partner almost all night and I couldn’t take my ass off laughing at him. So adorable kid. I love it!

Lets dance to the groove!

Day 10 (October 22, 2012)

Ugh…what the hell! I was really drunk last night. Me and my Ate actually. We became drinking buddies together my Nanay and Tatay whenever I spend my vacation in the province. That so cool! Really..I mean, that’s one of the coolest thing about our family. We are open about drinking habits but I limit myself to show them I am a bad smoker. You know, conventional thingy.

Today, we had an adventure! Adventure like amazing race! Weirdo.. Anyway, we went to the most isolated place somewhere far to our place. I’ve been there before but never reached that most secluded area. Since fiesta was fast approaching, we need to get the “kinatay na baboy and kambing” to be cooked for tomorrow. Yay! That one was out of the plan!

Green Lushes
They are getting BUKO! ♥
ME enjoying the fresh buko juice
Ate is busy texting
The left overs
They are cleaning the pig
Mas nasty nephew hihihih Cute!
Me haggard! Off to home na

Day 11 (October 23, 2012)

I almost forgot it was my Nanay’s birthday today! Ugh.. I didn’t have any gift but I just showed her my warm big smile and a hug. Here’s my post on Facebook!

Day 12 (October 24, 2012)

The fiesta was the most awaited date during October. First thing we did was to attend the holy mass to thank St. Rafael for the blessings. After church, we headed home to entertain our visitors. There were lots of people came, funny I didn’t know them all.

Usually during barangay fiestas, there are always drinking spree. That’s why I love fiestas! FREE booze in the house. 🙂

The weather was not really good and we ran out of power. We received the bad news that the storm came and will hit the land by tomorrow. Thanked God, he let us celebrate the feast when the storm came.

My Ate singing!
Hungry little niece
Tatay & Nanay
Fish braid + Bangs

Day 13 (October 25, 2012)

Last night was really scary until the morning. The rain was pouring really hard, the clouds weren’t visible, and the wind was swaying really fast.

I couldn’t let the sucky weather ruin my entire day. So, I just enjoyed the day and spent everything like usual. We even attend the Bingo Bonanza! Haha! That was really hilarious and all but it was really fun.

Its raining hard
My cute pamangkin’s enjoying the rain
Tss bad bad weather
The sea looks like flood

The night came and my family and I just made some bonding. Our favourite foods during cold nights are noodles and tuyo. Yay! Those are my comfort foods! Me gusta!

God bless us for tomorrow.

Day 14 (October 26, 2012)

I just realized I need to get back to the city since I my vacation will be over for the next three days. Ugh.. I really hate this feeling of leaving my family again. It felt like I was all alone again. Sucks.Drama. But seriously, I hate this.

Look, I staying in Manila for about 7 years approximately. I think this is what I’m supposed to be. I need to fulfil something my own life away from them.

The weather was all fine. I thought I wasn’t able to sail back to Lucena because of the bad climate yesterday. Thanked God, He guided me to my destination safely.

Waves..waves, everywhere

Day 15 (October 27, 2012)

Back to reality.

Even though I missed my province dearly, I need to go back to what I used to be every day. Today was a weekend start. So, I liked to see my friends and have some fun outside. I really missed hanging out with them since I spent my entire vacation in the province. Ohhh…

I forgot to tell about our new room!  Yikes! We were all excited about the new pad since Ice is out new roommate. I arrived yesterday at Room 303 and I was really happy seeing it with full of furniture. I was that excited to use our new flat TV and ref sponsored by Ice.

In the afternoon, friends came over on our new house since Colyn wanted to celebrate her post-birthday celebration. Some high school buddies and Andy came. We drank for about one bottle of beer and transferred to Expo right after until we decide to go to Tan’s place to have another round of shots again. Yikes! We got really tipsy and decided to go home before dawn.

Day 16 (October 28, 2012)

Since my friends joined us in our house last night, we stayed the whole day making conversations, cigar-breaks, playing Pusoy Dos and pigging out foods I brought from the province.

Kurt texted us in the afternoon and said he wanted to have dinner at Katipunan. Since all of us were doing nothing and bored, we said yes about the plan. Kurt fetched us at our place and drove all throughout the chosen place but I said to them to change our plan. We went to Nomnomnom instead since it is more accessible than Katipunan.

Hell..yeah! I would always love Nomnomnon- the logo, the interior design, the cozy ambiance, and of course, the FOOD but it’s a little bit pricey. I was really sure that my friends would also love and enjoy the place. Here’s the proof.

Photo from Kurt’s Instagram
Photo from Rona’s Instagram
Photo from Rona’s Instagram
Recca, Andy, and Ice
Kurt and Me
The Lovers
Kurt, Me, Rona, Jefay
Fried Ravioli for Kurt
Me, Rona, Jefay

If you want to visit their site, here it is: http://nomhappyfood.wordpress.com/

The night was still young when we finished our sumptuous dinner. Since we were all active and kicking, they decided to go to Cloud 9 Antipolo. Ohhh whaaaaat? Another spontaneous trip again! I remember this quote I read from Twitter: “The best nights are usually unplanned, random, and spontaneous.” Yes it is!

Off to Antipolo
Overlooking at Cloud 9 (Sorry for the bad camera)
All Girls
Kurt, Me, Andy, Jefay, Rona, Recca
Jefay, Rona, Recca, Andy, Me, ice


Photo from Rona’s Instagram


Sometimes, being so gloomy is just a state of mind. There are ways to spend life on the most simple gestures, or simple trip, or just a simple laughter with your favourite niece. I mean, I came from a hurtful past, but I didn’t let it ruin my happiness. I chose to live my life without worrying about what to do tomorrow. I chose to be spontaneous because I’m excited about surprises. I chose to spend my nights to those people who came to say ‘hi’. I chose to be with my family for just one week because that rarely happened. I chose to mingle with my favourite friends because I feel safe with them. I chose to be happy, and I that’s the most perfect decision I have ever made.


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