Quezon Beaches: Dampalitan + Borawan + Puting Buhangin

I am counting the beach trips my friends and I had been to since 2010. And I didn’t fail to memorize them all from the most spontaneous up to the happiest spree ever. So, we are always hype into new experience of finding another rare opportunity of spending weekends on the sea and the shore.

When I heard about my friends, Ice and Tin, that they are going to spend their birthday bash at the beach, I didn’t have this second thought, either my friends are. So they let me handle the itinerary for the Quezon Beaches trip for Oct. 29 and 30, 2012.

We were very excited for this beach trip since Borawan, PutingBuhangin, and Dampalitan beaches were new to us plus it was a cheap trip! Yeah! We relied on the itinerary I gave them based from the blogs I read over the internet. We decided to leave at 3:00-4:00 in the morning because the bus bound to Lucena Grand Terminal will take almost 3 hours. We chose theJac Liner Bus at Kamias, QC which offered P218 fare to be exact. We arrived at the terminal at 7:00am or I think, earlier. We looked for bus or van going to Unisan/Padre Burgos, Quezon but we just decided to take the van since we wanted to relax on the bumpy road. The fare between bus and the van is ranging from P40-70 depends on how many pax you are. We were just 10 people so they made it P70 per head plus 3 unknown passengers. Don’t worry, people are friendly on this area, you just have to be patient and smile.

Bound to Padre Burgos

It took almost an hour for us to reach the pier at Padre Burgos that would be the gateway to our next adventure! Then, we met Kagawad Vic who gave us a warm welcome as we entered their place. I saw the sign which was written all the prices of the boat rides. We were all amazed of how the prices were very cheap- the Borawan trip is P1200; Borawan and Dampalitan beaches are P1500; and the Borawan, Dampalitan, and PutingBuhangin are just P1800. Imagine we were all 10 people, so the whole boat rides to the 3 coasts were just P180 each, back and forth.

First, we all agreed to stay at Dampalitan Island and spent the whole day and night on the place since we wanted to relax and just eat and drink to death. The entrance fee is only P30 and the big cottage cost only for P1000 per night. If you have your own tent, it will cost you P150 only.

Bluish Green sea!! Picture perfect!
Dampalitan shore line

As we approached the place, we had those big smiles like children. The place was not crowded. There were few people camping on the area but they didn’t occupy the whole place. The sand is so fine and powdery white with little shells and stones. The water is bluish green since the weather was very windy when we arrived. The shore is too short with lush green trees on the sides.

For the food and drinks, we brought our own consumables like canned goods, noodles, coffee in sachets, tsitsirya for pulutan and bottled liquors. The other fresh foods like fish (bangus- P120 per kilo), seafoods (halaan- P20 per plastic and squid- P300 for 2kgs), veggies, fruits (banana: P20 per bundle), uncooked rice(P30-P40 per kilo) and water supply (P240 per 5 gallons + deposit) were bought from the market nearby in a very cheap prices. We just decided to make paluto on the care taker of the island for us to be hassle-free, they charged us only P30 per kilo for the cooking.

Just chilling!
We were hungry on this picture.
Ready to eat!
Look! Kawawang bangus!

After lunch time, we decided to take a break and start the drinking session. We bought almost 8 bottles of mojitos and tequila plus Kurt brought his shisha! Nomnom time!

Kurt, Me, and Tintin
Recca, Rona, Hams, and Ice

And here comes the exciting part…

We decided to enjoy our adventure since the sun went down and we were all ready to swim! We didn’t actually swim but spent almost whole time spending on pictorials! Voila!

All Girls
Papa Mel, Yang, Hams, Rona, Ana, Recca, Herl, Ice, Tin, Kurt
Attempted jump shot!
Me, Kurt and Hams
Me, Recca, Rona, Ana
My favorite shot!

The morning after, we decided to leave Dampalitan Island to proceed to our next stop- PutingBuhangin and Borawan. But first, we took the PutingBuhangin  and we travelled more or less 30 minutes via boat ride again. We were very amazed as we saw the rock formations and islands scattered all throughout the ocean. Nature at its finest!

Rock formation

The sand in Puting Buhangin is just like fine as Dampalitan. They have almost same setting but this area have this Kwebang Lampas which we experienced to take. We pitched our tent and we only paid P50 for the entrance fee.

Me, Recca, Rona
Picture picture while cooking grilled banana
Before we hit the Kwebang Lampas
Solo Picture FTW
Posing like models! Goddam scene we coudn’t resist to take picture
Imagine the hassle of going to the cave with that attire!
View from inside the cave
The water level is just above our chest. The are small and pointed stones.
Orbs..orbs everywhere
Good thing Kurt brought his underwater camera! We looks like blob fish!
After swimming Pusoy Dos competition

It was 2:00 in the afternoon and we decided to pack our stuffs to go to our last destination- Borawan. We took almost 30 minutes or less to reach the place. The first thing we’ve noticed is the rock, big rocks formation just like in Palawan. The entrance fee is P30 plus cottage of P200. We’ve just stayed for just 2 hours, I think.

Welcome to Borawan!
Yellowish White fine sand
It’s more fun in Borawan
Lousy pose le me and ice
Papa Mel Yang Me
Allluring pose
I so love this photo!
Classic pose
I really like this picturrr of Ham’s posing on the rocks
Group pic ♥
We were under this big rock!
Tired and stinkyyy

The most exciting part of this trip was the cliff diving! Yes! We jumped on the rock’s cliff and conquered out fear of height. We just assumed it was high since it was our first time but I think, it’s just 5 feet or less.

Assuming the cliff is high

It was about time to bid goodbye to the three islands! It was such a nice trip which I would treasure on my life. If I have given a chance again, I will go back and make some memories, just like we did. This trip helps me to achieve something, to forget my emotional baggage for the mean time, and to know the importance of happiness within my circle of friends.


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