Hello! I quit my job.

After several months of thinking about my mostly awaited Resignation Day, I already had the guts to give the farewell note to my immediate head. Obviously, she was really surprised and shocked and I-don’t-know-she-might-kill-me face of all. But what should I do? I took many into considerations.

I didn’t have the idea of leaving the company was this hard. My supervisor talked to me and fed me something that I should consider before parting my job. She convinced me to stay for more months and gave me ideas why I shouldn’t leave them by this time. I was amazed how she deals with me, but didn’t promise to offer something I couldn’t ask for more, if you know what I mean.

I repent myself for staying on this company for too long. Every day, I can see the mistakes of spending time with this kind of environment. I don’t have to blacklist them but I have only one solution- to resign. I already told myself about this, but after many times of thinking, I came up the idea of giving up my job for the sake of my dream to grow and look for a more compensated job outside the fence.

Many people asked, “Why did you quit your job?”. That’s probably the most common question I need to answer again and again. You see, I have the reasonable answers to prove from everybody. I want to grow my career. This company, on the first year and a half, was okay but after that I feel I was stagnant. I’m a graphic designer/artist who wants to explore everything but as the time goes by, I feel I was being spoon-fed and manipulated. My boss got angry easily whenever he I didn’t get what he wanted. My talent was being used up, they let me handled accounts which I think didn’t cover my job description. At first, like what I’ve said, it was okay. As my stay goes by, I feel the urge to complain about every day. The company doesn’t have anything to offer- they doesn’t have paid leaves, medical and dental insurance, bonuses, incentives, etcetera. In short, their employees are not their priority.

So, why should I spend another year or two on this kind of company? That’s absurd!

Right now, I’m happy rendering my 30 days until I finish the resignation. I could say, I’m not afraid with my decision of leaving this job because I know this is what I want, this is FREEDOM. So, I look forward to my vacant days as a bummer, here’s my list of to-dos:

1. Create my print and online portfolio.
2. Finish my pending sideline jobs.
3. Get passport!
4.  Complete my important IDs (SSS,  Voters)
5. Visit Marinduque.
6. Go to the beach.
7. Photoshoot!!!

I want to thank myself for this kind of strength!



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