Boracay at its BEST!

Boracay is well-known for being one of the best beaches in world! And finally, I had the chance to get there with my friends. Yay! I’m really excited to share the experiences. 🙂

We booked our flights 3 months ago until July 8 came and we were all excited! Our flight was Cebu Pacific at 7:00 in the morning. So, 3am pa lang, we headed to the airport na. I had this feeling kasi na kapag na-late kami, may penalty. The plane left Manila exactly like what the itinerary said, and it was actually my FIRST TIME to ride an airplane. Woah! It was a little bit scary and exciting at the same time.

Busy ako sa pagcompute
Boracay from the top
Me and Joan sitting next to each other

We arrived at Caticlan at 8:30 in the morning, took tricycle, boat, and tricycle again to our hotel. We we’re really disappointed. The pictures they sent to us was really deceiving. We were expecting a lot since ang ganda nung hotel pero it turned out like creepy and deserted. Well, what can we do? We just  accommodated the place and enjoy what they offered.

Deceiving from the outside
Station 1
While waiting

We were dead tired but we decided to eat brunch at D’Mall. We walked at the shore, I think, for about half an hour just to get to Station 2. I was really amazed when I saw the beach! The sea was very calm and there were lots of Paraw boat. The sand is really fine like powder, feeling ko ang sarap magswimming sa buhangin! 🙂 And the weather was really perfect, hinde masyado mainit, hinde masyado malamig.

Our first night on the island was a blast! Riot to death kame since we’re expecting what they so called “happenings in Boracay”. Our first stop was at Paraiso Bar. They offered the very cheap beer at P300 per bucket of six. But it closed at 11 in the evening so we decided to transfer to another place, nauhaw pa kami lahat. We went to Club Paraw where we tried the “Sex on the beach” for P1,200 per tower. The night started when we felt tipsy. It was an awesome experience to dance to the beat while laughing really hard. Nakakatawa lang isipin na after we danced, we then realized the people around the dance floor were like “Paraw and tricycle drivers”. But fun never stopped at that bar since my friends decided to transfer to another. Nakakilala sila ng foreigners, manlilibre daw. We were like, “mabilis pa  sa alas kwatro”. We headed to Summer Place and drank another round of margarita courtesy of the United Nation guys! 🙂

At D’ Mall
Paraiso Bar
Club Paraw

The next day, it was our schedule to go to the beach! Yeah! I bought several pieces of swim suits. We were swimming from lunch time till the evening! We went on Paraw sailing as well! 🙂 It was one of the lazy days in Boracay!

Paraw for P100 per head
Me and Recca

On our second night, out of tiredness, hinde namin masyado feel but we just went to D’Mall and spent the bar hopping for the second time around. Sabi nga ni Yang, “walang magkasunod na gabi na masaya” but we still went to drink because we wanted to get drunk that night.

Someone painted pink tint on my face

Ansaya lang, on our 3rd day at Boracay, we wanted to try activities but we all end up on Banana Boat. I wanted to try helmet diving sana, but since I have colds, I feel scared to go under water.

Banana Boat!!! I really want the single one mas may thrill kesa sa double.

Our last 1 night in Boracay was really frustrating. We wanted to stay pa sana kaso we have the scheduled flight. We didn’t want to pay another flight so we just made the best for last!

Me, Jack, Joan, Recca, and JD enjoying the paluto at D’ Talipapa
We ordered shrimp for P400/kg and crab for P250/kg

Early in the morning, Tintin, Ryan, and I went on swimming. The weather was very hot and the tides were high. But still, we enjoyed it since we were the last people left since Yang, Mel, Jack, and Joyce left early in the morning!

Groto near our stay

It was time to bid goodbye to Boracay! The experience was really awesome! 🙂 I will definitely go back to this island maybe next year with my friends, again! Here’s our last pic of the trip! Thank you Boracay for the experience! You’ll be missed!

Eating La Paz batchoy at Kalibo
Heading home!

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